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Levada Nova

This levada is close to the hotel, with its starting point just 2 km away. Starting from the Hotel, doing the levada, going out in Tabua and returning to the village of Ribeira Brava by the promenade Tabua-Ribeira Brava will take you approximately 3 to 4 hours.

Along this levada you can see the landscapes of Pico Banda de Além, Apresentação, Ribeira da Tabua and Tabua, as the levada takes you in a crossing of the mountains. You will feel like you are in the middle of nature, being that in most of the levada you just see the forest, mountains and occasionally the Atlantic Ocean. At Tabua you can finish the levada or continue to Levada dos Moinhos, which would take you more 3-4 hours to do.

The levada itself is a very flat path and is considered an easy route for hiking.

São Sebastião viewpoint – Ribeira Brava

This magnificent viewpoint is situated in a hill on the left side of the valley of Ribeira Brava. Over there you can observe the entire village, as well as the coast to the East and West, providing beautiful landscapes.

Madeira Sports Centre

Modern and equipped with high quality equipment, the Ribeira Brava Sports Complex is in Meia Légua, in the Ribeira Brava valley. It is a multipurpose area, designed for several types of sports.

Opened on 7th September 2007, the Madeira Sports Centre extends over approximately 60 thousand square meters, consisting of two football fields – one of natural grass and another of synthetic turf –, an athletics track with 8 lanes, ready for pole-vaulting, long and high jump, weight, disc, hammer and javelin throwing.

The rest of the sports complex includes a synthetic turf futsal field (a form of indoor football), 2 tennis courts, 2 paddleball courts and a squash court. There is even a covered sports field, especially designed for sports such as handball, basketball and volleyball.

Calhau da Lapa

In the summertime, you should go and access Calhau da Lapa, a small oasis in Campanário, Ribeira Brava. There are two ways to go there: by boat or walking. From Campanário you have a vereda that gives access to this place. The access to this beach takes about 30 minutes walking and has some ups and downs so it is more suited for fit hikers. The trip is worth it as you will find a pleasant and fairly remote rocky beach with blue clean waters.

Levada do Norte

The Levada do Norte is one of the largest and most important levadas of the island, which runs through much of the region. This magnificent stretch of the Levada do Norte begins just below the well-known Cabo Girão, leading hikers to the area of Boa Morte, in Ribeira Brava. It`s a very enjoyable and easy trail that can be done all year round.

Along the way, you can enjoy the fantastic views that arise, which highlight the parishes of Câmara de Lobos and Campanário. In these views the hiker can also observe the green fields, the carefully worked plantations and a set of houses and buildings that form the villages. Occasionally, you may find some people of the area that is handling their land, or just taking a walk. This levada takes about 2-4 hours to do.

Cabo Girão Viewpoint

It`s the highest promontory in Europe, at an elevation of 580 m, and is famous for its suspended glass platform.

It offers a vertiginous view of the fajãs of Rancho and Cabo Girão – small areas of cultivated land at the foot of the cliff – as well as magnificent panoramic views over the ocean and the municipalities of Câmara de Lobos and Funchal.

Rabaçal (Levada of the 25 fountains, Levada do Alecrim and other paths)

The Rabaçal area is a unique and magical place, known for its various pathways and abundant fountains, lagoons and cascades.

From here, just 30-minute drive from the Hotel do Campo, you can appreciate two of the most known levadas in Madeira, Levada das 25 Fontes (of the 25 Fountains) and Levada do Alecrim. The 25 Fontes is a longer pathway that takes around 3 hours to complete and is considered of moderate difficulty. As for the Levada do Alecrim, it is a shorter pathway that takes roughly 1,5 hours to do, being considered an easy route.

Anjos Waterfall – Ponta do Sol

Less than 10 minutes away from the hotel you have Ponta do Sol, a small village. From there, in the center of Ponta do Sol you have a tunnel that connects it to the old road for the west: ER101. In that road next to the ocean you can find this spectacular waterfall. Be careful to just go there in good weather conditions! The old ER101 road also passes in a small beach, named Anjos beach and ends in Madalena do Mar. You can go back by the highway (rapid street) in Madalena do Mar.

Espigão viewpoint

This place offers magnificent views over the valley of Ribeira Brava, Serra de Água and Encumeada. Located in Espigão, a high point on top of Ribeira Brava, it offers views on the green hills, only dotted by some dwellings on the pointed mountains that dominate the valley and on a great extension until the sea, with Ribeira Brava in the background.

Eira do Mourão

After going to Espigão viewpoint make a stop in Eira do Mourão, where you can see the views for the mountains and valley below. You can see in the other Mountain a small place called Furna and bellow in the valley is Meia Légua. If you observe the other mountain you can see a path that connects Furna to Meia Légua among the escarpment. This path is well preserved and for the most skilled mountain hikers it is a good radical experience to do.

Cetacean observation

Madeira island provides an excellent location that allows to see these species throughout the year. Experience a close encounter with some of the 28 species of cetaceans that inhabit or visit the waters of Madeira Island. During a boat ride, it is very common to find dolphins and sometimes whales. You have boat companies that organize this type of trips in the marina of Calheta (18-minute drive from the hotel) or in the marina of Funchal (20-minute drive from the hotel).

Hang gliding, paragliding and canyoning

Hang gliding and paragliding are among the most appealing activities of Madeira Island due to its morphological features. From the sky you can enjoy a fantastic air view of both the central mountainous massif and the maritime coast of Madeira island. Throughout the island there are great places to engage in these activities, such as Pico da Cruz, Madalena do Mar viewpoint and the areas of Porto da Cruz and Prazeres.

On the other way, when canyoning in Madeira you will experience an incredible wave of adrenaline.
This activity is an exciting challenge: to explore a stream or a steep watercourse. Vertical and amphibious obstacles are surmounted through various techniques like climbing, jumping, rappelling and swimming. There are several places to do this activity in Calheta, Porto Moniz, São Vicente and Santana.

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